Savoir Rire

The Humorists' Guide to France

Edited by Robert Wechsler

"These are the perfect books to get the traveller in the proper mood
for the vagaries of travel in unfamiliar surroundings."
Toronto Globe and Mail

"The selections are delicious and of such wide variety
that there is not a trace of repetition."
—Emily Kimbrough

Savoir Rire provides a myriad of viewpoints that look at travel in France through a filter of irony, incongruity, satire, parody, nonsense, and truth. This guide focuses on people — the tourist, the maitre d', the throngs that pass by your cafe.

Full, but not stuffed, with stories, memoirs, character sketches, descriptions, light verse, drawings, and cartoons, Savoir Rire is organized like any other travel guide. Preparations and arrival, the sights and the haute cuisine, gambling, mountain climbing, and speaking French, even coming home and telling the neighbors, it's all here.

$10.95 paper, 192 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-945774-00-1.

To read an excerpt from Savoir Rire, in PDF format, click here.

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