Trials and Tribulations:
Appealing Legal Humor

Edited by Daniel R. White

"Lawyers not only make excellent butts of jokes
but great humorists as well."
National Law Journal

"Daniel White has taken another giant stride in legalizing laughter."
—Griffin Bell, former U.S. Attorney General

A collection of the best legal humor by some of out most famous humorists — Mark Twain, Robert Benchley, Groucho Marx, S. J. Perelman; and legal humorists — William Prosser, Thurman Arnold, John Mortimer. Also contains the best work of such contemporary legal humorists as S. Sponte, Arnold B. Kanter, and Daniel R. White himself. Topped off with cartoons from the New Yorker, Punch, and the Wall Street Journal.

White is the author of The Official Lawyer's Handbook and other hit volumes of legal humor. He lives in Los Angeles.

$19.95 hardcover, 300 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-945774-05-2.

To read an excerpt from Trials and Tribulations, in PDF format, click here.

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