Sandra Ives, Thomas Ives

A Novel

By Robert Wechsler

Available free in four digital formats

Sandra visits her home town for the first time since a “falling out” with her much older brother twenty-seven years before. She encounters a wide variety of people, some she knew, most she didn't. These encounters give her a lively, sometimes comical picture of the town’s political machine and her brother’s central role in it as City Attorney. Then she encounters her brother himself.

The encounters are more Alice in Wonderland (though less fantastic) than steps toward the excavation of family secrets. The narration is in a dryly humorous third-person, kept very tightly to Sandra (we see Thomas only through what people tell her about him). The dialogue is narrated as well, and the story is told in the present tense. The result is fresh, fun, and satirical.

This novel was freelance edited by Peter Dimock, a longtime book editor and the author of three excellent novels, A Short Rhetoric for Leaving the Family, George Anderson, and Daybook from Sheep Meadow.

Besides being the Publisher of Catbird Press, Wechsler is the author of Performing Without a Stage: The Art of Literary Translation and the translator, from the Czech, of Alexandr Kliment's Living Parallel. As a government ethics professional, he is the author of Local Government Ethics Programs and The Regulation of Local Lobbying. All of these books are also available free and in multiple formats online.

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186 pages, ISBN 978-1-936053-971, available only as an e-book.

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