Robert Wechsler

PERFORMING WITHOUT A STAGE: The Art of Literary Translation. The first overview of this important, exciting, yet most invisible of performing arts, which gives us access to the world's literature. The book deals with such matters as the history of literary translation, the publishing, reviewing, and teaching of literary translations, the literary translator's nearly nonexistent public image, the literary translator's fidelity to the author, and the value for writers and scholars of studying and practicing literary translation.

320 pp., ISBN 0-945774-38-9. Only available as an e-book, including as a free e-book from Catbird Press.

Translation of LIVING PARALLEL by Alexandr Kliment. A beautiful, reflective Czech novel about an unusual love triangle: man, woman, Czech countryside.

$21 cloth, 240 pp., ISBN 0-945774-51-6.
Also available as a free e-book from Catbird Press.

SANDRA IVES, THOMAS IVES. In this short novel, Sandra visits her home town for the first time since a “falling out” with her much older brother twenty-seven years before. She encounters a wide variety of people, some she knew, most she didn't. These encounters give her a lively, sometimes comical picture of the town’s political machine and her brother’s central role in it as City Attorney. Then she encounters her brother himself. The encounters are more Alice in Wonderland (though less fantastic) than steps toward the excavation of family secrets.

ISBN 978-1-936053-971
Available only as a free e-book from Catbird Press

COLUMBUS À LA MODE: Parodies of Contemporary American Writers. This unusual collection of parodies of contemporary American writers together tells the story of Christopher Columbus. It's a mock-anti-heroic work that skewers the style, characters, attitudes, and themes of everyone from Stephen King to Philip Roth.

$12.95 paper, 189 pp., ISBN 0-945774-16-8.
Also available as a free e-book from Catbird Press.

THE HUMORISTS' GUIDES. Edited by Robert Wechsler. These three volumes collect stories, memoirs, character sketches, descriptions, light verse, and cartoons that will amuse anyone who travels. From irony to nonsense and back again, you will find in these volumes all the absurdities and delights of travel. You'll also find Mark Twain, Robert Benchley, James Thurber, Emily Kimbrough, Al Hirschfeld, and dozens more humorists and cartoonists.

"A first-rate gift for the traveler-to-be as well as for stay-at-homes." -New York Times

IN A FOG: The Humorists' Guide to ENGLAND
SAVOIR RIRE: The Humorists' Guide to FRANCE
HERE WE ARE: The Humorists' Guide to the UNITED STATES

Each book is $10.95 paper (except In a Fog, which is $12.95), 200 pp., illustrated.
ISBN 0-945774-03-6, 00-1, 13-3, 01-X.

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