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Floyd Kemske

THE THIRD LION: A Novel About Talleyrand. Talleyrand, one of history's most vilified and unprincipled men, was also one of its most civilized. This Machiavellian statesman helped make and break both the French Revolution and Napoleon. "Kemske, best known for his quirky takes on latter-day organization men, smoothly shifts gears to deliver a wryly engrossing historical novel." —Kirkus Reviews

$22.95 cloth, 224 pp., ISBN-0945774-37-0. Also available as an e-book or a free PDF.

THE VIRTUAL BOSS. Everyone wishes for the perfect manager. But what would happen if our wishes came true? An adaptive, interactive software system learns each employee's needs and weaknesses, and then effectively exploits them. Kemske's most frightening primer on management. "The most intriguing computer character since HAL in 2001." —Library Journal

$19.95 cloth, 237 pp., ISBN 0-945774-22-2. Also available as an e-book or a free PDF.

HUMAN RESOURCES. Corporate management is the use of humans as resources. So is vampirism. When a vampire is called in to turn an ailing biotech company around, reorganization takes on a much paler cast. "Kemske understands that some of what's going on in corporate America is so horrible that only fantasy can adequately depict it." —Cleveland Plain Dealer

$12.95 paper, 224 pp., ISBN 0-945774-29-X. Also available as an e-book or a free PDF.

LIFETIME EMPLOYMENT. Due to an extreme policy of lifetime employment, the only way to get ahead at Growth Services, Inc. is murder. "Kemske blends black humor with a serious treatment of the individual's plight within a closed, Kafkaesque society in his satiric first novel." —Publishers Weekly

$19.95 cloth, 231 pp., ISBN 0-945774-18-4. Also available as an e-book or a free PDF.

LABOR DAY. A darkly comic labor of lies about the world of union organizing and union busting. "[A]n entertaining look at the tribulations of working stiffs, wherever they toil.." —New York Times Book Review

$22 cloth, 208 pp., ISBN-0945774-48-6. Also available as an e-book or a free PDF.

David R. Slavitt

ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL: A NOVEL A finely crafted look at depression from the inside, both humorous and moving. Also a wise reflection on the novel and its relationship to life. "A complete experience, at once laughing-out-loud funny and breath-catching, heart-breakingly sad. It explodes the idea of the novel while defining and celebrating it."  —George Garrett

$20 cloth, 188 pp., ISBN-0945774-56-7. Also available as an e-book.

GET THEE TO A NUNNERY: A Pair of Shakespearean Divertimentos Romeo and Juliet and Measure for Measure told from the point of view of minor characters. Great intellectual entertainment. "Machiavellian storytelling that subverts the original story with a new twist ... devilishly clever." —Publishers Weekly

$19.95 cloth, 192 pp., ISBN 0-945774-41-9.

Robert Wechsler

SANDRA IVES, THOMAS IVES  In this short novel, Sandra visits her home town for the first time since a “falling out” with her much older brother twenty-seven years before. She encounters a wide variety of people, some she knew, most she didn't. These encounters give her a lively, sometimes comical picture of the town’s political machine and her brother’s central role in it as City Attorney. Then she encounters her brother himself. The encounters are more Alice in Wonderland (though less fantastic) than steps toward the excavation of family secrets.

Free e-book only, 186 pp., ISBN 978-1-936053-971

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