Czech Literature in Translation

Under the Garrigue Books imprint, Catbird Press has the largest selection of Czech literature in translation.
Our principal Czech author is the prewar novelist, playwright, and story writer Karel Čapek,
but we also publish the contemporary fiction writers Vladimír Páral, Alexandr Kliment, Daniela Fischerová
and Jáchym Topol, and we've done an excellent collection of recent fiction by the younger generations
of Czech writers, Daylight in Nightclub Inferno.

We have also published two volumes of German literature in translation as well as an overview of the art of literary translation.

Karel Čapek
Daniela Fischerová
Alexandr Kliment
Vladimír Páral
Karel Polacek
Jaroslav Seifert
Jáchym Topol

Karel Čapek
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Translated by Norma Comrada. Two collections of early stories in one volume.

Translated by Norma Comrada. A personal, writer's look at Čapek's life and writings.

Edited by Peter Kussi, Foreword by Arthur Miller.
A collection of Čapek's best plays, stories, and columns.

APOCRYPHAL TALES. Translated by Norma Comrada.
Fresh approaches to historical and literary figures.

WAR WITH THE NEWTS. Translated by Ewald Osers.
One of the great anti-utopian satires of the twentieth century.

TALES FROM TWO POCKETS. Translated by Norma Comrada.
Mystery stories like no others.

THREE NOVELS: Hordubal, Meteor, An Ordinary Life. Translated by M. & R. Weatherall.
Čapek's great trilogy about personal identity.

TALKS WITH T. G. MASARYK. Translated by Michael Henry Heim.
An unusual biographical approach to the founder of Czechoslovakia.

Vladimír Páral
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LOVERS & MURDERERS Translated by Craig Cravens.
Another darkly humorous novel about what people will do to each other to make their dreams come horribly true.

CATAPULT Translated by William Harkins.
A delightful, yet tragic twist on the Don Juan story.

THE FOUR SONYAS.Translated by William Harkins.
In Paral's darkly comic world, people will do almost anything to attain their dreams.

Other Czech Literature in Translation

LIVING PARALLEL by Alexandr Kliment.
Translated by Robert Wechsler, Foreword by Ivan Klíma.
A beautiful, reflective novel about an unusual love triangle: man, woman, countryside.
$21 cloth, 238 pages, ISBN 0-945774-51-6.

"Elegant, absorbing, and simply beautiful … [by] the aristocrat of Czech dissident literature."
—Josef Skvorecky

CITY SISTER SILVER by Jáchym Topol. Translated by Alex Zucker.
A powerful novel of post-communist dislocation by the best young Czech writer.
$19.95 paper, $40 library hardcover, 512 pages, ISBN 0-945774-45-1, 43-5

"City Sister Silver is a first novel the way The Tin Drum and Midnight's Children were first novels
— a prodigal astonishment; an emancipation proclamation."
—John Leonard, Newsday

FINGERS POINTING SOMEWHERE ELSE by Daniela Fischerová. Translated by Neil Bermel. Seven meticulously crafted stories from the first Czech baby boomer to have a book appear in English.
$19.95 cloth, 176 pages, ISBN 0-945774-44-3.

"The range of tone and material in this collection of seven short stories
attests to Fischerová’s mastery of the genre … Adroitly translated by Bermel, this
collection is an excellent introduction to one of the most influential Czech writers
in the literary generation following that of Milan Kundera." —Publishers Weekly

THE POETRY OF JAROSLAV SEIFERT. Translated by Ewald Osers; edited and with prose translations by George Gibian. The largest collection in English of works from throughout the life of the Czech Nobel Prize-winning poet.
$14.95 paper, 255 pp., ISBN 0-945774-39-7.

"Seifert's three great subjects are the beauties of women, art, his nation.
He characteristically celebrates all three within a single poem." --Booklist

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